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Cost Effective – White box, branded and original options

As we offer five cartridge types, you might be unsure which is right for your customers. We have created a flow chart to help you decide which option is best for you. Or,  talk to us and begin your partnership with us today!


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Intellectual Property – Are you protected?

We are provided with indemnification from manufacturing partners for specific product lines. These manufacturers have their own Research and Development with I.P. departments, legal teams and partnerships with regional patent specialist law firms that provide their legal opinion on the safety of a particular design around solution to cartridge design for a patent propensity of attacks in each region.

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Product Warranties

Did you know CTS offer a lifetime warranty on their compatible and remanufactured toners, drums and inks?

Also if the worst happens we will fully support you with our dedicated customer service specialist team. Our independently contracted engineers cover all of the UK for your on-site issues and should it be our product that causes the problem, we will go as far as replacing the printer.

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Product Customisation

We want you to retain your customers. To assist in your customer loyalty and “stickability”, we provide business services such as private labelling on the products, your logo and company contact details on the delivery paperwork (remember we can do a third party drop ship on your behalf) and even a full rebrand of the box (subject to volume). Interested? Find out more by getting in touch today 

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Product Sustainability 

We care about product sustainability and as such, regardless of the product type of our toners, drums or inks (compatible, remanufactured, genuine), we are proud to have 0% landfill of all empty returns. Find out more, click here.

Our manufacturers are helping us reduce packaging to ensure we maximise container loads to minimise carbon print.


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Product Reliability

All that’s well and good, but I’ve had a bad experience with an aftermarket product, I hear you say. Well CTS work with the largest international manufacturing partners who over the years have built up considerable expertise and R&D to make their aftermarket solution to an exceptionally high standard. If you have had a bad experience, maybe you picked the wrong supplier? Not all toner and ink suppliers are the same and offer consistent high quality, patent-friendly yet cost-effective solutions. Why not speak to our team to find out more. 

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And Thats Not All...

 We are the largest specialist UK distributor that guarantees trade only and provides more than just toner supplies! We supply labelling products, Envelopes, Pantum Printers, Packaging products and so much more. Browse our full range of products online!


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