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Our Warranty

CTS warrants that each remanufactured and compatible cartridge sold are free of defects in design, assembly, and workmanship during its useful life and is covered under our lifetime guarantee6.

CTS will replace any defective cartridge free of charge or provide credit/refund if we are unable to troubleshoot. In order to be eligible for a replacement or a credit note evidence of the fault and the cartridge batch code will need to be provided. At our discretion, the customer may be required to return the defective product for inspection and evaluation.

It is also warranted that under normal use and storage conditions our compatible and remanufactured cartridges are guaranteed to print to a professionally high standard1 and last to the advertised yields2. They will not cause damage, abnormal wear, or void the OEM warranty for the printer, facsimile machines, or copier concerned. This warranty does not cover damage to the product and/or a printer/copier caused by accident, abuse, excessive force, natural disaster, human error, unauthorised disassembly, repair, or modification.

Should it be shown that a printer is damaged due to the use of a cartridge supplied by CTS, we will pay all remedial charges, including parts and labour charges, for the repair of parts or purchase of a replacement printer3, with an invoice or receipt produced showing evidence of work undertaken.

If CTS deems it necessary, an independent engineer4 will attend to the printer concerned and pay all costs incurred by the engineer5 should it be the only reasonable solution to resolve the customer's problem with the said printer. This warranty is dependent upon the customer providing CTS with satisfactory evidence that the printer or copier failure was due to the defect in the cartridge supplied by CTS, including a written statement and report provided by an authorised service company and that no other non-original manufacturers authorised products have been used.

Please note this guarantee only covers our compatible and remanufactured products. Genuine OEM products will have their own separate cover corresponding to the specific OEM manufacturer.

  1. All associated components including but not limited to drums, fusers, printheads whether supplied by CTS or not are all in full operational order and within the manufacturers lifetime guidance.
  2. Yields are based on an industry 5% average standard coverage. Please note some types of printing, especially of block colour and photographs, will substantially reduce the advertised yields and this will not be considered a product failure.
  3. CTS will replace with an identical or similar model at a comparable cost with a proportional discount based on evidence (status supply page) of duty cycle, pages printed, and the age of the machine. The purchase invoice will need to be provided.
  4. CTS reserves the right to commission the independent engineer when they deem it necessary and have exhausted all other viable options. CTS will not be liable for any third-party engineer costs directly organized by the customer and they will not necessarily agree with the findings of their report.
  5. Should it be deemed that a non-CTS supplied consumable or another worn part not supplied by CTS has caused the fault upon receiving images and evidence from the engineer attending site, costs will be passed on to the customer.
  6. Lifetime guarantee is conditional on manufacturer expiry dates and firmware updates that are deemed out of our control.
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